Rising from the streets of the renowned, Trench Town, Kingston Jamaica, where he spent his childhood, the artist, Jah Beng, is about to, once again, share his musical gifts with the world via his third Roots Reggae album entitled Reckoning. Taken throughout the globe by its legendary proponents including Bob Marley & the Wailers, Burning Spear, the Mighty Congos, and countless others, this form of Reggae continues to fire the conscience and fill the hearts of people everywhere and across generations.

In his early years, Jah Beng listened constantly to the unique melodies and powerful words bouncing atop heavy, unrelenting bass and drums that penetrated to the depths of the soul. These sounds, which came to define the Roots Reggae genre,  were inspired by the teachings of the Rastafari elders and the life experiences of the people from whom they came. Determined to free themselves and the world from oppression, this music was the most effective means through which they could distinctively express this inmost desire, shared by millions worldwide. Jah Beng's passion for this art form grew rapidly. He, inevitably, tapped into the infinite mystical vibes that filled the air, whenever these songs were played, and discovered the path to his spiritual and musical destiny. 

Staying true to the foundations of Roots Reggae, Jah Beng's soon to be released album, Reckoning, is the follow-up to his previous and highly acclaimed works, Cry for the Children and River of Healing. Lyrically potent and musically compelling, this new offering showcases Jah Beng's immense talent, continued growth and his commitment to uplifting hearts and minds by keeping the fires that light the universal yearnings for JUSTICE, PEACE, LOVE, UNITY and FREEDOM burning red hot, forever.