At the Cry for the Children Foundation, it's important to us to be able to show you who you're helping when you make a donation. Meet Nia- a beautiful, bright, vibrant little girl like any other. Yet for the last two years, she has suffered severe hearing loss and endured many other hardships such as intense pain and recurring dizziness. Without medical attention, the impact of her condition on her physical and emotional well being was devastating. Her ability to communicate was affected, leaving her isolated from those closest to her- even her own mother.

Today however, Nia is all smiles. Through your generosity and the Foundation's efforts, Nia received a much-needed hearing aid and can now communicate clearly with those around her. We are truly grateful to all our supporters who gave of themselves in this effort. A special thanks to Russ and Kim Williams and the entire Williams family, for their heartfelt donation. In such a short time, one little girl's life was changed for the better. On behalf of Nia and her family, we thank you and congratulate you for making a difference. This is only the beginning.