What inspired our journey?

Welcome to the Cry for the Children Foundation—a not-for-profit organization that is committed to improving the lives of children by encouraging them in ways that will help them to explore and realize their great potential. The Foundation was started by Collin Grant, a Jamaican-born singer/songwriter. After hearing the heart-rending story of a struggling single mother and her five children, he immediately felt a kinship with the family. As a child, he faced similar hardships growing up in inner-city Kingston, Jamaica. Collin was moved to action, to help this family and the many others like them. And so, he created the Cry for the Children Foundation in April of 2015. 

The Foundation takes its name from the title track of his first album, the Juno-nominated Cry for the Children. Friends, family, colleagues and community leaders came together to form an enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate team. Having lived in Canada for most of his life, he knows the importance of access to opportunities and the tremendously positive impact it can have on one's growth and success. Inspired by his passion for helping others, his experiences as a child and the music he loves, Collin is committed to doing all he possibly can to change young lives, and is looking forward to your involvement and support. The Cry for the Children Foundation and you-protecting their future today, so they will change the world tomorrow.