The Cry for the Children Foundation was started by Collin Grant (aka Jah Beng), a Jamaican-born singer/songwriter.  As a child, he faced many hardships growing up in inner-city Kingston, Jamaica and feels a close kinship with the children and families who struggle to survive economically on a daily basis. After hearing the anguishing story of a mom and her children who faced many challenges in obtaining the basic necessities of life, Collin was moved to action. And so, he created the Cry for the Children Foundation in April of 2015.

Collin named the Foundation from the title track of his first album entitled ‘Cry for the Children’. Inspired by his passion for helping others, his experiences as a child and the music he loves, Collin is committed to doing all he can to change young lives. He is looking forward to your involvement and support. The Cry for the Children Foundation and you-protecting their future today, so they will change the world tomorrow.